Our Beer

Inspired by farmhouse brewing traditions around the world, our beers are brewed to reflect our place and the changing of the seasons. We brew with our well water, mainly American ingredients (local when possible) and a custom mix of yeast to create flavor-driven beers across a broad profile of tastes. Our beers feature moderate alcohol, carefully balanced flavors and high drinkability with a dry, crisp finish.


'Rustic Chic' - Farmhouse Pale ale

Our hoppy farmhouse ale brewed with pale malt and malted spelt from Valley Malt. The spelt provides a nice body and touch of sweetness balanced by citrusy American hops that provide moderate bitterness as well as bright flavor and aroma from whirlpool and dry hopping. Our yeast creates a dry finish making this beer crisp and refreshing. 5.5% ABV

  • Rotating year-round release


'Boat shoes' - Dry Hopped sour wheat

Inspired by Berliner Weisse beers from Germany, this beer is brewed with American pilsner-type and wheat malts then soured with Lactobacillus bacteria and fermented with a blend of yeast. We then dry hop with a mix of hop varietals to give it hints of tropical fruit and white wine. Tart, tropical and light, this is a perfect beer for summer or any time of year. 4.2% ABV

  • Rotating year-round release


‘Rough Cut’ - Rye farmhouse Pale ale

Brewed with our well water and a simple grainbill of malted barley and a hefty dose of Danko Rye from Valley Malt, then hopped and dry-hopped with a good amount of our favorite American hops and fermented with our mix of yeast. The rye creates a slight spicy flavor and a richness while the hops provide moderate bitterness with flavors and aromas of flowers, citrus, pine, and a hint of tropical fruit. The yeast ensures a dry, crisp finish with flavors that compliment the spiciness of the rye and fruitiness of the hops. 6.4% ABV

·       Rotating year-round release



Gose-style tart wheat beer brewed with American malted barley, wheat, hibiscus flowers and a hint of salt. The hibiscus adds floral and berry notes and gives it a stunning pink color. Tart, floral and fruity, this a refreshing beer for the beach or any adventure. 5.1% ABV

  • Rotating year-round release


'first crack’ - farmhouse ale brewed with coffee

This not your typical coffee beer! We started with a simple pale farmhouse ale and after some aging added Ethiopian Konga coffee roasted by our friends at Abracadabra Coffee Co. in Woodstock, VT. The result is a light bodied beer with a bit of acidity and spicy yeast character that compliments the cherry, hibiscus and pear notes of the coffee.

  • Batch 1 bottled 9/10/18 - 5.7% ABV


'farm dark’ - dark farmhouse ale

A dark farmhouse ale brewed with American pale and roasted malts and hopped moderately with vintage American hop varieties then fermented with our blend of yeast. The result is a mix of things you expect in a dark beer - a bit of roast and a hint of chocolate and coffee - with some you might not - like dark fruit and spice notes as well a very crisp finish. We also occasionally age some with coffee from some of our favorite roasters. 5.9% ABV

  • Winter seasonal release


‘DANDY’ - Mixed culture farmhouse ale brewed with Dandelions

'Dandy' is a farmhouse ale we brewed with dandelion flowers from around the property. After initial fermentation, it ages with a mixed culture of yeast and bacteria for several months, resulting in a beer with complex acidity, mild funkiness and an herbal finish. It is bottle conditioned and will continue to evolve with time.

·       Awarded 3rd Place for ‘American Style Sour/Wild Ale <6.5% ABV’ at 2018 GIBCC

·       2018 Batch bottled on 8/27/2018 - 5.7% ABV


‘GREAT GREY’ - Grisette

Named for a visitor from far away that visited us a few winters back, this beer is inspired by the historic Grisette style of beers made in Belgium and France. Our version is brewed with water from our well, malted barley and wheat from Valley Malt, and vintage American hop varietals. It has a light body with moderate bitterness with floral, herbal flavor and aroma. It is fermented with our blend of yeast used in most of our beers which adds spicy, fruity notes and a dry finish. This is a simple beer that lets the ingredients shine. 4.2 % ABV

  • Rotating year-round release


‘hoppy fingers’ - fresh hop farmhouse ale

The name is an reference to what happens when you pick hops fresh off the vine - your fingers get coated in the oils resins from the hop flowers. We used a bunch of local Cascade and Centennial hops that we picked ourselves at Cottage Hill Orchard in Lebanon and at the brewery along with a malt bill of barley and spelt grown in the Northeast and malted by Valley Malt and then fermented it with our mix of yeast. The beer lets the flavor of the hops shine through with fresh floral aroma and notes of citrus, tea and pine as well as a firm bitterness. The spelt provides body to balance the dry finish of the yeast. This is the perfect beer for harvest season and a reminder that beer is an agricultural product! 5.8% ABV

·       Fall seasonal release


‘Autumn sweater’ - amber farmhouse ale

The perfect match for crisp nights and changing leaves. An amber farmhouse ale brewed with a hefty dose of Munich-style malt and a hint of rye. These give it a light copper color and a malty, toasty flavor and aroma. A moderate dose of classic American hop varieties balance the maltiness and provide light floral notes. We ferment it with a blend of farmhouse yeast to give it a dry finish with hints of spice and fruit. 6.1% ABV

·       Fall seasonal release


‘Old Oak’ - Oak-smoked wheat Ale

Inspired by the nearly extinct Polish style called Grodziskie (AKA Grätzer), 'Old Oak' is a oak-smoked wheat beer. With oak-smoked wheat malt from @valleymalt making up about 90% of the malt bill, this brew is a labor of love. It is smokey, but the smoke is extremely smooth with a hint if sweetness. Its hopped with vintage American hop varieties for a mild bitterness and floral notes and fermented with our mix of yeast for a hint of spice and citrus with an extremely crisp finish. There's a ton of flavor packed into it's 3.9% ABV

  • Rotating year-round release


'Farm Lite' - Light farmhouse Ale

A farmhouse take on ‘light’ beer brewed with malted barley, flaked corn and flaked rice for an extremely crisp finish, but with more fermentation flavor than your typical lite beer. Hopped with vintage American hops for a hint of bitterness and earthy, floral flavor. 4.1% ABV

·       Summer seasonal release


‘Ghost Shoes’ - dark sour wheat

A spooky, dark take on a dry-hopped sour wheat. Dark malt gives color and hint of chocolate while dry hopping provides notes of berries and tropical fruit all with a tart, dry finish. 4.7% ABV

  • Fall seasonal release


‘zest’ - dry-hopped farmhouse ale

A hoppy farmhouse ale that features Ekuanot and Mandaria Bavaria, for late and dry hopping. These provide flavor and aroma of lemon zest, tropical fruit and berry and a bit of bitterness on top of a simple grain bill of American pilsner malt and wheat from Valley Malt. In addition to our normal blend of yeast, we added a strain of Norwegian Kveik yeast to reinforce the bright hop flavors. It finishes with a very crisp, dry finish. 5.7% ABV

  • Rotating year-round release


‘Hare’s Corner’ - Mixed Culture Farmhouse Ale

'Hare's Corner' began it's life as a simple farmhouse ale brewed with American malted barley and wheat and vintage American hop varieties. After initial fermentation, it aged with a mixed culture of yeast and bacteria for many months before being naturally conditioned in the bottle. The result is a bright beer with a firm acidity, earthy, floral and citrus notes, and slightly bitter, dry finish. 6.2% ABV



In a world full of 'more' sometimes you need a little 'less.' Our Session Amber Ale, 'Little Sweater' is here to help. Inspired by session ales across different brewing cultures, we start with American pale, kilned and roasted malts and a bit of rye from Valley Malt to create a malty base with hints of biscuits and caramel and a deep amber color. We hop it in the kettle and dry hopped it with vintage American hops that provide smooth bitterness and floral and tea flavors. Finally, our yeast blend provides a crisp finish with fruit and spice notes. It's got a ton of flavor in 4.2% ABV.

  • Rotating year-round release


‘Farmer's tan’ - tart witbier

'Farmer's Tan' is a tart witbier inspired by descriptions of historical witbiers that featured a bit of acidity. It is brewed with American malted barley, malted wheat from Valley Malt (Hadley, MA), unmalted wheat, flaked oats and wheat, and a hint of Amarillo hops. We also add fresh sweet orange peel and freshly crushed coriander. The result is a tart, bright, and refreshing beer with hints of citrus and orange as well as a great body from all the raw and flaked grains. At 4.9% ABV, it's perfect to assist with your garden chores!

  • Rotating year-round release