Our First Anniversary


It’s our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! We want to thank all our customers who have supported our little brewery, as well as the friends and family who have helped along the way.  Looking back on our first year, we’d like to share what we think makes our brewery special.

In our first year, we released 19 different beers. Three of these beers were aged at least 4 months with our slow souring wild culture that we spent years developing.

We feel strongly about making beers that are tied to our place, meaning they are unlike beer from anywhere else. How do we do this? Every batch has used our well water and a unique mix of unusual brewing yeast. All of our beers use American ingredients and all but one recipe uses ONLY American ingredients. Since last July, every batch has featured some portion of local malt. We’ve used other local ingredients like flowers, hops and honey and have plans to do even more. Every bottle, keg or can has been carefully hand-labeled, hand-filled and hand-dated by us.

We believe beer can be a community-builder. We’ve sold most of our beer at Farmers’ Markets, our tasting room, and a few restaurants that are committed to local beer and food producers.  If you’ve tried our beer, you’ve likely had the chance to meet us and chat.  We’ve participated in several community and charity events and hosted two food drives for local shelters. We are active in the NH Brewer’s Association and advocate for the benefits that small breweries can have on local communities.

We have big plans for the coming year, including another season at the Lebanon Farmers’ Market and beer garden that we will open NEXT WEEKEND on Saturday, May 25th.  Thank you all for your support!

Cheers from Chris and Michelle!

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