About Us

The owners, brewers, packagers, cleaners and servers: Chris and Michelle

The owners, brewers, packagers, cleaners and servers: Chris and Michelle

About us

Polyculture Brewing Company is our small, family-owned brewery in Croydon, New Hampshire. We operate out of the barn attached to our nearly 150-year-old farmhouse and hope to bring a new brewing approach and new flavors to the community.


Our name & our beer

We use a mix of microbes, rather than just one yeast, to make beers that are uniquely ours. We also draw on a variety of beer traditions and cultures when crafting our recipes, learning from those who were making great beer for centuries before we got started.


What we want to do, and what we want to be 

We are a farmhouse brewery. Farmhouse brewing traditions have existed around the world for centuries, with people making beer for their community with ingredients and processes on hand.

We think it’s important for a farmhouse brewery to commit locally. We want to be that brewery for our community, making beer that tastes like it came from our place, and making beer for the people who live here.

We are lucky to have a well that supplies clear, crisp mineral water for our brewing. We use New England sourced and malted grains whenever possible. In fall we do a fresh hop beer with hand-picked local hops, reminding ourselves and our community that beer is an agricultural product. We like to include other special ingredients that are available seasonally in our area, like the dandelions that cover our property in early summer. We’ve also been experimenting with wild yeast capture to find our next brewing microbes—stay tuned!

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Chris at the Lebanon Farmers’ Market

Chris at the Lebanon Farmers’ Market


We focus on sharing our beers with our community. When we launched the brewery, we sold exclusively through farmers’ markets so that people would have the chance to meet us, try the beers, and tell us what they thought. Something that makes farmers’ markets special is the opportunity to meet everyone, not just beer lovers, and we get to surprise some folks who thought they didn’t like beer. As we start up our tasting room, we want to keep this same approach. We hope that even those who tend to reach for a cider or wine will come visit and give us a try.